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Priming prior to application of Marsel Pro Decorative Plasters Silicone+. Improves adhesion of the plaster to the base and creates appropriate colour base. Appropriate for application on cement and lime-cement coatings, concrete bases, reinforces surfaces for heat-insulation systems, as well as on plaster of Paris and plasterboard panels for outdoor use.
- Approves adhesion of plasters to the base.
- Creates appropriate colour base.
- Very good adhesion to base and in-between adhesion.
- Easy to apply.
Method of application: By brush, roller.
Consumption: 250-300 g/m2 for one coat.
Drying time: 24 hours for complete drying.
Guarantee term: 12 months.
Related products: Water-dilutable impregnation primer.
Storage: from 5°С to 40°С.
Maximum content of VOC for this product (category: А/zh) is 30 g/l.
Packing: 5,0 kg; 25,0 kg.

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